sweater simplicity: part one

Remember my tale of two sweaters skirt? Are ya dying to know what became of the leftover bits?

Well wonder no more!

This week I’ll show ya four groovtastic projects for using those chopped-up-sweater-scraps!

Let’s get to it!

Shrug or Bolero? I’m never quite sure what to call these adorable morsels of upper body warmth…

 create your own in a jiffy:

I snagged the leftover top of the green vest (the bottom half had been transformed into my tale of two sweaters skirt)

& a long drape-y cardigan from my preggie days

sliced the sleeves off of the cardi & chopped open the front of the vest

popped the sleeves into the vest right-sides-facing-raw-edges-lined-up & stitched them together

then zigzagged over the outside seam for extra strength

and double zigzagged around the raw edge to create a lurvly lettuce hem (& prevent fraying)

added a simple tie-up closure & was done!

check out parts two, three & four and get your stitch on!

all the tutes!


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