Chonie’s Refashionista Confession

Welcome to the very first Refashionista Confession in my “Be My Guest” series!

Today I am delighted to introduce the always amazing & absolutely stunning Chonie of Proyek Akhir Minggu (a.k.a: my.weekend.projects)

Wowza! Are ya loving that fabulous dress? (& check out those gorgeous gams!)

Wanna create a Little ‘Back’ Dress perfect for festive frolicking…let Chonie show ya how it’s done:

“Like most women, I love a little black dress. I have a few, but they are all just ordinary dresses for me. I wanted an extraordinary dress, and for me…a dress with fabulous back is an extraordinary dress!”

This jersey dress was my ‘lazy day’ dress. You know, a dress that you can simply throw on when you are too lazy to plan an outfit. It was definitely time for a change & when I saw this twisted back t-shirt I was inspired to transform my dress from ordinary to extraordinary!


I simply cut through the back of the dress exactly at the waist line and unpicked the stitches from one side & shoulder…

I then chopped through the collar seams & made the back a bit lower than the front…

hemmed the raw edges…

twisted the back fabric around itself  twice, then pinned & stitched the open side & shoulder back together…

lastly, I folded over & stitched the raw edge of the top of the ‘skirt’ under my twisted back to create a tunnel…

then slipped some elastic through to tighten it up & avoid a too-gaping-back…

et voila! I have an extraordinary little ‘back’ dress!

I’ve paired it with a pair of white mules and my DIY magazine clutch. What do you think?

From lazy day to a night on the town in less than an hour? That is a fantastic transformation! I definitely see a little ‘back’ dress of my own created in the near future…

A huge thank-you & massive bear squeeze to Chonie for sharing her gorgeous refashionista confession!

Be sure to have a browse through Chonie’s groovy blog Proyek Akhir Minggu (a.k.a: my.weekend.projects) for loads more fab diys & groovy gift inspiration!

If you’ve created an awesome refashion I’d love to help you shout it from the rooftops!

Find out how here.

all the tutes!


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