Glitter Bombed!

When the lovely Nadine of NadelBernds Nähkästchen invited DIY bloggers in Germany to join her Zaubersäckchen I signed up immediately!

…and just what is a “Zaubersäckchen”?

Why, it’s a little sack filled with crafty bits n’ bobs that travels from blogger to blogger…each marvelous maker selects a few items from the bag & then replaces what they take with odds n’ ends from their own stash before sending the Zaubersäckchen on its merry way.

Clever, eh?

Unfortunately an explosion of glitter greeted me when I opened the sack…aaaargh! Absolutely everything in the package (as well as yours truly) was covered in those pesky sparkles of annoyance…

The culprit? A vial of irksome glitz that had been previously added to the sack but sadly not sealed properly…I cleaned up as many of the crafty bits as possible but unfortunately some of the items were simply unsalvageable (new info I discovered: removing glitter from yarn, feathers & pompoms is frustratingly impossible)

I snagged a few funky scraps of fabric, a stylin’ crochet hook, purty paisley border, 2 mini tassels (perfect for earrings) & a bit of leather cord

I added 4 vintage hankerchiefs, a 1960’s necktie (& links to my groovy tie-tutes), some adorable painted buttons, a selection of  Great Auntie’s handmade lace appliques, ribbons, fabric bows, mini pompoms & a length of pompom yarn.

I repackaged everything up (separating the cleaned yet still somewhat glittery items from the new additions), signed the travel log and sent NadelBernds Zaubersäckchen onto the next lucky DIY Diva!

*I was thinking of hosting an international version of the crafty travelling sack in the new year…anyone care to join in?

*The most important rule? No Glitter Allowed!


15 thoughts on “Glitter Bombed!

  1. Ooh, I would love to join in! I’m sure I can find something interesting. Just hoping a crafty Spanish postie doesn’t pinch the parcel 😀

    • Groovy 😉 I’m thinkin’ one of the guidelines will have to be that each participant must post the crafty travelling sack with a tracking number to avoid the problems of the less-than-stellar postal service offered in some countries…

  2. Count me in!🙋 A traveling craft bag sounds wonderful! I’m already thinking of great stuff to add! Would it just be bits and bobs of crafty supplies or could it be mini finished objects!? I totally agree on no glitter!

    A friend in PEI, Canada

    • Oooh, you’ve got the cogs turnin’ in my little brain Darlene…perhaps each participant could take some groovy bits from the sack, add a few from their own stash & also create a little something to pop in for the next person it is sent to…?

      *My munchkin’s middle name is an homage to the wonderful redheaded snippet in that fabulous PEI series of books that we Canadian gals treasure so much 😉

      • I knew I would get your creative mind spinning! Looking forward to the travelin’ crafty goodness in the NewYear! Sending you and your little munchkin a hug from a kindred spirit in PEI!

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