Last Minute Makes: for gals

The next stop on my quick-to-make projects list…

will help you create for those gals you have missed

sift through your linens, wardrobe & stash…

and let me inspire a refashioned gift bash!

a funky new dress that takes minutes to make, will cause genuine smiles that are not at all fake

if an adorable bag is what she’s been craving, whip this one up in less time than leg shaving

this groovtastic top will make all inspired, and the best part? no sewing required!

what gal doesn’t need some more bauble space? an upcycled hanger puts bijou in its place

or for those with a little more time on their hands, may I present my large jewellery stand

a beautiful blouse made from a curtain? Whoever receives it will love it for certain

if yer gal’s into grunge & you’ve run out of time, grab a sweater & shred it, it isn’t a crime

a couple more sweaters + a snip & a stitch & you’ve created a skirt without a glitch

if the chick you must make for dresses with zing, a glittery tunic just might be her thing

Munchkins are next in my Christmas series, so pop over here for your kidlet gift queries

For more fast, fun & fab gift ideas click the index below, you’re sure to find something for everyone you know!

all the tutes!


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