Last Minute Makes: Accessorize it!

To continue our handmade holiday trip

are more wonderful gifts + a few useful tips

pull open that junk drawer if you’ve got the mind

and create lovely accessories from what you find

an old broken zipper found in your stash, transformed into jewellery in a lightning quick flash!

if the one on your list is a cool camera geek, perhaps a snazzy strap is something they seek

or how about a funktatsic camera bag, an upcycled gift they’ll be proud to snag

my scarfigan is made faster than you think, the stitching is done as quick as a wink!

the perfect quick make for a gal on the go, an (instant) needlepoint clutch that’s easy to sew

a small scrap of lace is all it takes, to create a completely unique necklace

or how about putting together some kits, just print out my instructions & add upcycled bits

and here’s a fantablous video tute, 3 no-sew accessories that to make are a hoot

if you have someone who lives far away, send a hug through the post to brighten their day

an adorable headband created from flowers, will surely bestow the wearer with powers

a few more flowers make ears bloom, and cause a sensation when they walk in the room

but what about those chopped floral stems? create a gift bouquet out of handmade yarn gems

some quick crochet neck gear for both gals & guys, grab a hook & learn how, ’tis easy if you try

click here for fast makes for the stocking, with them Christmas morning’s guaranteed to be rocking!

all the tutes!

once again click that index button above, and browse even more projects handmade with love!


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