Last Minute Makes: stocking stuffers

My final creations are for Christmas Eve

check out the little extras I have up my sleeve

a few easy projects to add to the stocking

helping Santa ensure Christmas morning is rocking!

who wouldn’t love a personal pin? Great for your buddies & even yer kin!

a funky set made from a few little scraps, it’s not hard at all, in fact, it’s a snap!

some small scented sachets are easy & free,  if you don’t have dried flowers just use fruity tea!

some upcycled bits & small plastic toys, make whimsical neck gear that will bring great joy

the leftover animals won’t go to waste, add a magnet & glue for a gift made in haste

how about having that morning coffee in style? a cool tassen teppich will cause a huge smile

another creation that’s not at all lame, is a fabulous personalized embellished frame

need a groovy fast gift that’ll make them sing? Go ahead a create a denim hem ring

when you really & truly have run out of time, this instant bracelet can be made as the clock chimes

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tour of last minute gifts, start from the beginning if there’s something you’ve missed…

all the tutes!


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