rockin’ wrapping…

Why waste money on wrapping gear when you can simply raid the recycling bin?

Here’s how it’s done…

grab some empty flour/sugar packages, toiletpaper rolls, tissue boxes, funky magazine pages, munchkin art, scissors & tape

pop a gift in the tissue box, chop out a pretty scrap of paper & stick it over the tissue-window then tie with a ribbon from your stash…fabulous!

wrap toilet paper rolls with bits of funky magazine pages or fabric scraps &  fold in the ends to create instant mini gift boxes perfect for those handmade jewellery sets!

munchkin art makes perfectly personal wrapping paper & quirktastic diy bows

…but my absolute favourites have to be the recycled flour, sugar & oatmeal gift bags!

Make sure the packages are completely empty then wipe out any remaining powdery bits with a damp cloth. Place your gifts inside & tie with a scrap of fabric or top with a handmade bow!

Fantastically fast, totally unique & best of all, completely free!

all the tutes!


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