oooh foxy lady…

The perfect addition to any fancy schmancy party outfit?

Adorkably awesome animal ears!

Here’s how to scrap-bust your way to a pair of your own…

Grab an old headband, wire, a groovy collar cut in half (I used the sequin collar leftover from my silvester skirt tute) and a needle & thread

*leftover collars are fab as they already have a front, back & interior + they’re the perfect size for ears

chop off a length of wire long enough to fit from one end of your collar half to the other. Pop it inside & secure with a simple stitch in a few strategic areas

bend your ears into the desired shape, tuck the raw edges in towards the back & stitch closed

arrange your groovy new ears on the headband & hand sew ’em on

sparklingly fabulous fox ears!

*I know, I know…kitty ears are what all the cool cats are wearing…but as I am violently allergic to all things feline I have a groovy excuse to once again break away from the crowd & go my own foxy way

all the tutes!


4 thoughts on “oooh foxy lady…

  1. You’re great fun and so creative. I think you do deserve a tv show, but I want to be a guest on it every day OR your co-host. You probably can’t go by my website for my “in front of an audience” skills and my blog has been ignored for months, but I’m a teacher. I make an ass out of myself every day. My students think I’m a laugh riot and want to marry me, or at the very least, live with me.

    • Why thank you kindly Tamara 😀 If a TV opportunity ever arises I’ll let ya know! 😉

      * as I was a teacher for 8 frustratingly hilarious years I know all too well the erm…awesomeness(?) of making an arsch out of oneself in front of a full classroom & the joys(?) of student crushes 😉

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