scrappy reflections

Here’s another scrap busting idea to brighten those dreary winter days…

Snag a less-than-stellar mirror

*I discovered this huge n’ heavy beauty in the trash – it appears the previous owner had attempted to spray over the lacquered finish without sanding first resulting in a  drippy mess…ew…but lucky for me as I now have a groovy new mirror!

grab your trusty glue gun, scissors & a pile of scraps

snip & rip your scraps into strips

twist each scrappy strip & glue all around the mirror frame leaving enough hanging over the bottom to wrap to the back

*quick tip: using a disposable wooden chopstick to position/hold/press your strips into place will save your fingertips from the dreaded glue-gun-burns

once the mirror frame is completely covered, twist the ends of the strips around to the back & secure with a bunch o’ glue

add a scrappy bloom if desired…

and your fab new mirror is complete!


all the tutes!


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