the purty prairie dress

I was born & raised on the Canadian prairies and no matter where I am in the world those restful meadows remain with me…

Here’s how to create your own pretty salute to those gorgeous grasslands with a couple of bits from Grandma’s farmhouse cupboard…

let’s get making…

snag a knee-length dress from your stash

pinch a large doily & sheer bistro curtain from Grandma’s cupboard (or simply buy from a charity shop) *don’tcha just love the wooded park scene on my curtain?

fold the doily in half over the front & back of the neckline of your dress & pin in place

*I kept mine longer in the back

stitch the doily on directly under the neckline/collar of your dress

sew the bottom of the doily to the dress as well

chop out the middle of the doily as close to the neckline seam as possible to re-create the head opening

oh-so-carefully cut out the dress fabric behind the doily

zig zag over the doily edges for extra strength (this also secures any missed/accidentally chopped bits)

grab that bistro curtain, cut to your desired added-length-at-the-bottom-of-the-dress size & sew into a tube

pop it over the bottom of your dress with right sides facing

stitch together

zig zag over the outside seam for security

and fall in love with your romantically pretty prairie dress!

perfect with a pair of two-steppin’ cowboy boots

lovin’ that peek-a-boo lace neckline & sheer skirt bottom!

all the tutes!


8 thoughts on “the purty prairie dress

  1. Das ist ja wunderschön geworden! So romantisch irgendwie 🙂 Und kann man bestimmt auch gut kombinieren mit einer schönen dicken Strickjacke oder so 🙂

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