the supremely silly satinosaurus

According to my nearly three year old kidlet, bunnies are out & dinosaurs are all the rage nowadays…who knew?

Any idea what silky item I used to make her newest pal?

*here’s how to create one of your own before the dino-trend goes extinct…

raid your lingerie drawer & grab that never-worn satin cami

*this one was the top from a PJ set that looked lovely online but turned out to be awkwardly backless…the bottoms were awesomely comfy & only needed shortening so the set was kept + I knew the top would come in handy some day…

onto the step-by-step:

chop off the schnicky schnacky frou frou bits

add an eye to each cup…erm…side of the head

fold in half right-sides-facing

stitch together leaving one side open for turning & stuffing

give your almost a dino some fluffy filling & stitch up the open edge

create 4 legs from some coordinating scraps & snag 4 mid-sized buttons (I used the chopped bottoms from the shortened PJ pants)

hand stitch the legs to each side (sewing straight through the button holes, into the body & out through the other button on the opposite side allows the legs to move back & forth)

add some simple embroidered features & present it to your little dino-lover:

all the tutes!


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