a cowled lumberjack

Remember that cozy flannel cowl shirt I re-created for my first Thrift Style Thursday Post?

Well my lovelies…here’s the promised tutorial:

Snag a too-big-for-you flannel lumberjack shirt & some chopped long sleeves

chop off the neckline starting just below the second button from the top, curving up to the shoulder & then just under the collar seam around the back & down to the front

slice off the sleeves just below the shoulder

chop each sleeve open along the seam

put one sleeve on top of the other right sides facing & stitch the sides together to form a tube

pop the new cowl (a.k.a: sleeve tube) into the neckline of the shirt with the wrong side of the cowl facing the right side of the shirt & stitch together (this ensures that the new collar will be right side out when folded down)

zigzag over the outside seam for extra strength

and you’ll have something similar to the above pic…

onto the new sleeves:

pop those chopped long sleeves over the remains of the shirt arms right sides facing

stitch together

throw it over a t-shirt, leggings & biker boots, fold down the cowl-y collar & head out!

*quick tip: if your cowl just will not sit right simply stitch it down in the position you prefer

…and then go make one for that stylin’ dude in your life!

all the tutes!


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