G’day from the Crafty Travelling Box!

That’s right mates, pop another shrimp on the barby because the Crafty Travelling Box has arrived safely Down Under…hooray!

*now that’s a lurvly lady who knows how to pose!

Elegant Emily shall be taking the bits she desires, replacing them with some grooviness from her own stash and sending the Crafty Travelling Box on to the U.S…Ohio to be exact.

Here’s a quick reminder of the CTB’s route:

Berlin, Germany to…

West Australia  –  Ohio, USA  –   Barcelona, Spain  –  Massachusetts, USA  –  The Netherlands  –  Oklahoma, USA  –  Vienna, Austria  –  P.E.I, Canada

…and then finally back to yours truly in Berlin!

Keep those updates coming dearies!

9 thoughts on “G’day from the Crafty Travelling Box!

  1. Oh Sheri it was such a nice surprise to see Emily with the CTB! I quickly enlarged the map to see where it was going next then saw that you had it listed under the map…silly me! I’m just so excited to see where it will be traveling to next!
    Thanks Sheri for starting such a fun swap!

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