the doubled button down

Create a bombastically cool shirt for the groovy guy in your life with my latest DIY for dudes…

Grab 2 button down shirts of the same size & fabric weight (I chose to mix plain cord with plaid flannel for some funky texture & colour)

lay the shirts on a flat surface, one on top of the other with the sleeves of one side of each shirt lined up evenly & chop through both just above the elbow area

fold one shirt in half & use the chopped sleeve as a guide for slicing through the other arm

repeat with the sleeves of the other button down

button up a shirt & cut it in half just below the chest pocket

repeat with the other shirt

open up the buttons & pop one shirt bottom over the other shirt top with right sides facing and side seams & button placket lined up

stitch together

zig zag over the outside seam for extra strength

pop the sleeves over the chopped arms right sides facing & stitch together

and let that man dress to impress!

…but what about those shirt leftovers?

add some sweatshirt sleeves to the mix, stitch ’em all together & create an awesome cowled lumberjack that he’ll love!

all the tutes!


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