In the Mood for (refashioned) Couture

Have you discovered the incredible creations of Cristina from In the mood for Couture?

I was so smitten with her chemise très écologique that I just had to make one for myself…(with an added tweak or two of course)

Read on for the über creative quick how-to…

Grab a large manly dress shirt from your stash (as I had already chopped the arms for a previous project I snagged some knee socks to extend them)

slice off the collar as close to the seam as possible

onto Cristina’s fabulously clever idea: flip the shirt upside down & centre the collar on the bottom hem

stitch together

hem the raw edge of the former neckline (now the bottom of the shirt)

and my fave sassy sleeve addition: Chop off the sock feet, pop the length over the chopped sleeves right sides facing & raw edges lined up

stitch together

& slip into your quirky new wrap top!

*wear wrapped & buttoned around your bod’

*or with just the collar buttoned up

*or as an easy breezy cardi!

A huge Merci Beaucoup to Cristina for sharing her amazing projects! I will be trying her absolutely awesome denim refashions next…now go take a peek at In the Mood for Couture & don’t forget to show that like-y love too!

all the tutes!


15 thoughts on “In the Mood for (refashioned) Couture

  1. LOVE this!! I especially love your trick with the knee socks for sleeves! I often get mad at sleeves for being too short or wide, this is the perfect solution!
    And I totally agree with Justine, you should be on twitter! I thought I was going to hate twitter, but I actually love it! Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy and fun, especially when chatting with all the Thrift Style Thursday girls! 🙂

  2. So freakin cute and clever! Love this!

    P.S. I’ve decided you should be on Twitter. Zhenya shared all those ideas you have for Thrift Style Thursday and they are ridiculously creative!!! 🙂

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