the tangerine dream dress

Check out how I transformed that lovely 1950’s lace number from frumpy to fantabulous!

Totally not feeling the ill-fitting, scratchy-lined before of the dress, so…

I carefully removed the itchy lining (it looks deceivingly satiny soft in the photo but felt like a pot-scourer against my skin, yuck!), the broken zipper and an extremely old dry cleaning tag

grabbed another fab vintage dress that fits me well, placed it on top & used it as a guide to pin in the sides of the lace dress

stitched along the pins to take in the width of the dress

sliced off the excess fabric & chopped the length

created some sleeves from that chopped length & hemmed the bottom (just like my other awesome orange dress transformation)

and my smashing tangerine dress is now fit for flaunting!

all the tutes!

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12 thoughts on “the tangerine dream dress

  1. Fantastic!!! Love that you saw potential in the overdress and found a way to nix the ugly underthing. And add sleeves. Keep chopping and sewing!

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