A Laid Back Thrifty Thursday

laid-back (lād′băk′) adj. Informal: relaxed in style, character, or behaviour; easy-going and unhurried

 Laid back style isn’t limited to jeans & T’s…looking fab & feeling comfy while chilling out is a snap when you layer a few fun pieces:

Faux army jacket (thrifted & refashioned) €1  –  Scarf (gift) €0  –  Longsleeved T-shirt (1982) €2  –  Leggings (handmade) €0  –  Shirt dress (thrifted) €1  – Buckled Boots (ebay) €4

Total outfit cost: €8

Snag some thrifty inspiration (+ join up & share your love of second hand) over on my Gone Thrifting facebook page!

As always feel free to take part in the thrifty fun & vote for the upcoming themes…

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10 thoughts on “A Laid Back Thrifty Thursday

  1. Haha I burst out laughing when I read the part about jeans and tshirts not being the only way to be casual…for me sister, it is 🙂 But I do know what you’re saying. You can still be comfy and cute and not wearing frumpy clothes! And you pull this look off so well! You are so talented at putting outfits together!

    • You need to give yourself more credit…a quick peek at your past TST posts reveals loads of casual outfits that don’t involve jeans 😀 Inspiring others to step out of their clothing-comfort-zone through stylish yet thrifty ensembles is part of what TST is all about amiright?

      *style know-how is one part fashion sense + one part experience + two parts feeling great in your own skin…as I’ve worked in the fashion/entertainment industry, lived throughout the world & I’m 10 – 15 years older than my fellow TST babes I’m a wee bit ahead of the game 😉

  2. I love your laid back look, but you are putting me to shame!!! But I have to be honest with myself and admit that I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, I just am, and that’s okay! 😉
    I love all the layers and those boots are super cute!! 🙂

    • Thanks Kristi…I’m right with ya with the jeans & T’s for everyday comfort (especially when chasing after an active almost-3-year-old & her partner in crime doggie) but I do find that layering comfy cotton dresses over tights or leggings makes me ‘look’ like I’m makin’ a bit more of an effort…even though I’m not 😉 …& when you get to be my age it’s all about illusion anyway! 😀

  3. I’m totally diggin those boots! Ebay is SO amazing, I used to be pretty obsessed with finding stuff on there, in fact, I dont really know why I stopped…guess I know what I’ll be doing with the rest of my afternoon lol

    • Cheers Miche! Those boots were one of 4(!) brand-new-in-the-box pairs I scored for a mere €4 each! Fortunately I have teeny feet which enables me to stalk the children’s section & snag awesome footwear deals – unfortunately it also means I have a heckuva time finding heels & ‘womanly’ shoes 😉

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