a kangaroo cover-up…

A long time ago, in a decade far, far away, I was a kid in lurv with my Kangaroo jackets

…nowadays known as hoodies

It appears my little girlie has inherited my infatuation with those cozy, front-pocketed, hooded sweatshirts…luckily creating a quirky kangaroo pouch is a cinch – with the added bonus of camouflaging silly prints!

Let’s get going:

Snag a kiddo sweatshirt with an undesired print

grab a funky vintage table mat (or square pot holder) large enough to cover the print


*I had to trim off most of that rockin’ fringe as it was just too tempting for little hands to pull off


pin the mat over the design & stitch together as shown above – leaving an opening on either side to create the groovy kangaroo pocket

So simple yet so fabulous!

a kangaroo jump for joy!

all the tutes!


6 thoughts on “a kangaroo cover-up…

  1. This is so adorable! I have a little one’s birthday coming up and I might just have to make her something custom, thanks for the awesome idea!!! 🙂
    PS. Your girl is too cute, I can already tell she’s just like you! 😉

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