the dandy denim blazer

What do you get when you cross a pair of his old jeans with a pair of my old jeans?

A fabulously far-out new blazer for him!

Here’s how I did it…

I snagged an old pair of his jeans & a zipper 

I grabbed a pair of his old jeans & a pair of my old jeans

removed the back pockets from his jeans

and stitched them back on upside down

measured him from shoulder to waist & used that measurement to mark from the jean’s waist to thigh area *the waist of the jeans will become the bottom of the blazer

folded the jeans exactly in half & chopped through both legs at the mark

sliced out the thick inseam & opened up the legs

folded the legs back together right sides facing & pinned the chopped ends

stitched the ends closed to create the shoulders of the blazer & rounded off those pointy outer corners

grabbed my old jeans, measured his arm from shoulder to wrist & chopped the legs to size for sleeves

used the width of the soon-to-be-sleeves to slice an arm opening just below the shoulder seam

popped a sleeve into the opening right sides facing, stitched together & repeated with the other arm

zigzagged over the outside sleeve seams for extra strength + to prevent fraying

cut open one of his leftover chopped jean legs & stitched it into the open ‘V’ of the back

hemmed up the raw edges with my rolled hem foot & a contrasting thread

added a button-hole & manly vintage button


and the quirktastic denim blazer was complete!

all the tutes!

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10 thoughts on “the dandy denim blazer

  1. I saved the whole web page and am totally doing this!I saw other jackets made from denims,but they were all too hard for my sewing skills level.This looks easy enough for me to do!!!!Thank you so much 😀

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