snow dough

Cheers to the internet yet again for providing one of the most entertaining rainy day munchkin activities to date:

Snow dough! – a.k.a: cloud dough

A wonderfully easy to make bit of fluffy fun that keeps the kiddo occupied for at least an hour…yay!

*Here’s my 100% safe to eat, easy to clean & store for future use recipe for snow dough success:

You’ll need:  1/4 cup of edible kitchen oil (any kind will do) & 2 cups of corn starch

mix well in a sealable container – the consistency should be crumbly yet stick together when formed

pop some non-stick baking paper onto a cookie sheet, dump the snow dough on top, snag some cookie cutters & small toys & let your mini-maker’s imagination take over!

*create some gentle snow flurries by rubbing the dough through your palms (added bonus: the oil/cornstarch combo is as fab moisturizer for dry hands!)

– so far our snow dough has survived over a year of countless playtimes kept stored in its sealed container

all the tutes!

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7 thoughts on “snow dough

    • Cheers Hannah…there’s lots of “cloud dough” recipes online but none worked for me & most were inedible (not cool with tots who need to taste everything), so I spent a bit of time playing mad-mommy-scientist & came up with the combination above 😀

  1. I love cloud dough so much! I made some two years ago and it’s still going strong! But I love your recipe with only edible ingredients. I’ve got to make some more like that… maybe adding a bit of color to it just for fun! 🙂 Lisa

    • Yup, safe-to-eat is definitely a plus as it must constantly be “tasted” – even though every sample ends with a ‘blech’ & scrunched up nose 😉

      *I attemped to colour a batch using food colouring but no matter how well it was mixed in, it stained everything it touched…any clever ideas for adding a hue or two that will stick to the dough & not our hands are most welcome 😀

      • Hmmm, I don’t know why it stained everything. We make homemade play dough all the frickin’ time and the coloring never stains. Maybe the liquid coloring doesn’t mix with oil and, seeing as that’s the only liquid in this recipe, it doesn’t mix at all. Have you tried mixing the color with the dry corn starch first? I make confectioner’s sugar by grinding regular sugar and I sometimes color it at the same time as grinding. Or perhaps putting the cornstarch in a big jar with the drops of food coloring and shaking vigorously? (what I do when mixing essential oils and powders to make, for example, tooth powder) We must experiment and then get back to each other with the results! 🙂

      • You just might have solved the dilemma…I was blaming the weird gel-like German food colouring but it could actually just be not mixing correctly with the oil as you said, I shall absolutely try shaking it up with the cornstarch before adding the oil, cheers my dear! 😀

        *brilliant idea to make your own confectioner’s sugar!

      • Having old school Italian in-laws does have some perks. I’ve learned all sorts of little tricks like the confectioner’s sugar one! I use a coffee grinder for it. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

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