the batty harem (pants)

What do you get when you cross an old preggie top with too much cold medication?


…a completely kooky pair of harem pants & a loopy refashionista

Here’s how to make some for yourself (without the aid of medication)…

Snag a stretchy batwing top

flip it inside out, pop it on upside down with your legs in the sleeves & pin where you’d like the crotch to be

take it off, lay on a flat surface, grab some chalk & draw a semi circle from the middle of one (former) shoulder seam to the other using your center-crotch-mark as a guide

stitch the front & back together following the chalk line

chop off the excess fabric

flip right side out, pop ’em on with a groovy kimono & throw yourself a get well soon party!

*craving more batwing top transformations? check out my tic tac toe skirt & batty no more tutorials…

all the tutes!

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