My Quirktastic DIY Tailor’s Measure Belt

Who doesn’t have at least one extra tailor’s measure lurking about?

Here’s how to transform it into an adorable new belt in an instant:

all the tutes!

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2 thoughts on “My Quirktastic DIY Tailor’s Measure Belt

    • Thanks Miche 😀 My crafty space/office/video production area is actually a teeny tiny 2mx3m corner of my kiddo’s room, luckily, I’m an organization fiend so absolutely everything has its own neatly-putaway-place…my videos are shot entirely by yours truly with help from a broken-legged-taped-up-tri-pod & munchkin table with a €3 Ikea As-Is kitchen cupboard door on top for the white working space, for video editing I use good old Windows Movie Maker…proving that you don’t need any fancy, expensive equipment to produce a groovy result 😉

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