lil’ loungers…

My hilarious moppet has apparently inherited my tothood penchant for half-streaking

– the evidence, directly from my baby book

Tops & accessories are mandatory attire but bottoms are most definitely optional…

what’s a frazzled mommy to do?

Create a bunch of colourfully fun & comfy lounge pants that the mini-naturist can’t wait to pull on!

Here’s the quick how-to:

Snag some fun fabric & a chopped jersey turtle neck

fold the fabric in half right sides facing & then fold lengthwise (you should now have 4 layers)

grab a pair of your kiddo’s fave loose fitting PJ pants, fold in half lengthwise & place on top of your layered fabric with the crotch at the folded edge

without cutting through that folded edge, chop out the basic shape of the pj pants leaving plenty of space for seam allowance

separate the 2 fancy new pant legs & re-fold with right-sides-facing

stitch each leg together along the long open edge

once each leg is sewn into a tube shape, pop one inside of the other with right sides together & the “Vs” lined up

stitch the “Vs” together

flip right side out & marvel at your almost-done-lounge-pants

pop that chopped turtle neck over the waist area of the pants with right sides facing & raw edges lined up

stitch together

zig zag over the outside seam for extra strength

give the legs a nice clean hem

and present them to your soon-to-be-covered streaker!

all the tutes!

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9 thoughts on “lil’ loungers…

  1. I love how simple these are yet I never get my lazy butt to make some for the weebabe. Thanks for the inspiration, maybe a weekend project is on the rise!

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