Dandy Denim: take 2

Do you refashion your refashions?

As my body size continues to shrink (the only benefit thus far of having severe gluten & lactose intolerance) my funktastic re-created wardrobe is requiring further adjustments…

Those fab bleached, dyed & embroidered Dandy Denims from last summer could now be pulled on while fastened & slid right off without a belt so it was definitely time to pair them with Cristina’s imaginative In the Mood for Couture jean makeover + an addition or two of my own :

*My version of this top has wide 3/4 sleeves & can be worn back to front or front to back. I also removed the back pockets, flipped them around & reattached ’em to once again be used for toting bits n’ bobs (& so my previously painstakingly embroidered “S” was the right way up!)

Are you a refashion refashioner? 

all the tutes!


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