Hi Ho Hi Lo – a refashion to go

When I spied Kristi’s quick fix for a dowdy vintage dress I knew I had finally found the refashioning key to unlocking the frumpy frock that had been languishing in my stash for far too long:

Here’s the snappy step-by-step:

Snag that wonderfully patterned but just plain ugh dress

mark where you’d like the length of the front to be

fold evenly in half sideways & chop down to the back at an angle from your mark

round off the back edge

chop the sleeves if desired

take in the sides if necessary

hem up all of the raw edges

head out in your easy breezy new top!

all the tutes!

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10 thoughts on “Hi Ho Hi Lo – a refashion to go

  1. LOVE IT! This is the perfect refashion for that dress – it was a great print but it definitely needed some serious updating! Love the new top, so glad I could inspire you!! 😀

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