The Butterfly Kimono Top

Create a light & airy kimono top in a flash with my quick step-by-step:

all the tutes!

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2 thoughts on “The Butterfly Kimono Top

  1. sorry but I could not follow that brief tutorial……can you show us more by filming the whole garment (zoom out) instead of just a close up of a small piece of it? it looks really cute but I have no idea how you made it;-(

    • As each of my video tutorials takes a minimum of 2 days to complete & I film/create all of my webisodes for free (along with everything else on my blog) with only the aid of a tripod & my wits in the teeny tiny amount of empty floor space available in the incredibly small corner of my munchkin’s room that serves as my craft area/sewing room/office/stash storage/studio on top of a piece of 50cm x 60cm white counter top salvaged from the Ikea As-is section, I hope you can understand that re-shooting & editing a video is simply not possible.

      * It would be fabulous to be able to have a professional studio with loads of space, a camera man, equipment, editors, a paycheque, etc…but alas I am only a fairly unknown DIY blogger and have to make do with what limited bits I have whilst still attempting to look as professional as I can. 🙂

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