An Animalistic Thrifty Thursday

The Call of the Wild…a cry I’ve heard many a time but never once having to do with my wardrobe.

Just like the nautical style of last Thursday, this week’s theme had me out of my comfort zone & a wee bit stumped. Not being an animal print lover (or even liker) in the least I knew a thrifting trip would just be waste of time & money…luckily a quick peek in the back of my wardrobe revealed a pair of subtle leopard print PJ leggings that I could build from…whew!

Hat with Leopard-Print Band (gift) €0  –  Scloop (handmade) €0 – Jersey Scarf (handmade) €0 – Cuff Bracelet (gift) €0 – Studded Belts (thrifted) €1 – Dolman T-shirt (bought in Korea years ago) €0  –  Leopard-Print Leggings (part of a PJ set gift) €0  – Buckled Biker Boots (ebay) €4

Total cost: €5

Snag some thrifty inspiration (+ join up & share your love of second hand) over on my Gone Thrifting facebook page!

As always feel free to take part in the thrifty fun & vote for the upcoming themes…

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21 thoughts on “An Animalistic Thrifty Thursday

  1. perfect! and you can switch out the leopard band around the hat with another pattern or color should the need arise;) love the hat on you!! Also, I kind of enjoy how some of the TST themes push me out of my comfort zone 🙂

  2. Subtle but sassy 🙂 I’m glad you didn’t go buying something just for the sake of having it for this week’s theme. Big fan of the hat!

  3. You are too funny! I am not a lover of animal print either. My daughter got a whole bunch of animal print for Christmas and I have yet to put her in them. But that is a cool idea….interchangeable hat bands. 😀

  4. Your hat is so cute! I actually do like leopard print, but I chose birds today instead, lol. Sort of springy!

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