A Most Excellent DIY Shirt Dress

I’ve been hankering to create a lurvly loose shirt dress for a while but could never find the right refashioning victim…until I inherited a bunch o’ stuff from my Great Uncle’s wardrobe:

 Silky, comfy & oh-so-stylin!

Here’s how to create your own in a flash:

Grab a waaaaaay to big for you shirt

check out that amazing paisley…Great Uncle was a stylish dude in the 80’s!

slice off the sleeves

snag a shirt with your ideal armhole size & use it as a template to mark & shrink the massive sleeve holes

*that Hasty Blouse Fix top is one of my faves from last year

stitch down from your mark gently angling towards the side seam until you reach the bottom hem, chop off the excess fabric & repeat on the other side

decide how long you’d like the sleeves to be & slice ’em to size

pop them into your now-shrunk armholes with right sides facing & raw edges lined up

stitch together

*if (like me) you don’t have a fancyschmancy serger be sure to zigzag the edges of all of your new inside seams to prevent fraying

if you’re at all concerned about the possibility of visible undies due to bottom-of-the-shirt-dress-flappage be sure to stitch the open ends of  dress together from the last button straight down to the hem

pop it on and enjoy!

all the tutes!

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6 thoughts on “A Most Excellent DIY Shirt Dress

  1. Wow, that is one HUGE shirt!! I thought I had some big hand-me-downs, but that beats mine! Your dress looks fab and I love how you put the cuff at elbow height. 🙂 Lisa

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