more lurvly leftovers

Remember my groovy drab dress to Hi Lo top transformation?

Here’s what became of that chopped bottom half:

I revisited my Silvester Skirt tutorial & created a fab asymmetrical skirt that’s just perfect with my doily embellished denim vest & crocheted necklace!

all the tutes!

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8 thoughts on “more lurvly leftovers

  1. Hi Sheri!
    After absence for a while from blogging, I’m back only to find this lovely outfit. Lately, I’m crazy of boho look and this outfit is all about boho. That denim vest is my fav. Love it!

    • Cheers Kristi…the bottom of that chopped dress simply begged to be made into a skirt! 😉 *I discovered the fab vest the kid’s section of the thrift store for €0.50 oh-so-easily funked it up with a huge doily from my stash, it’s a grand outfit topper that works with sooo many looks!

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