The Crazy Cool Curtain Skirt

Floofy frou frou organza skirts seem to be everywhere these days…with floofy frou frou price tags to match…

Any idea what thrifted bit of awesome I created mine out of?

4 Organza curtains + the chopped lining from this dress re-do + a kiddo t-shirt

I chopped the tabs off of those thrifted curtains

stitched each one into a long tube

gathered the top edges of each curtain tube

popped them together one on top of the other

and painstakingly stitched them together

flipped my skirt lining over the layers with right sides facing & sewed it all together

chopped the t-shirt in half & revisited my Sylvester Skirt tutorial to create a comfy waistband

et voila! My fabulously floofy organza skirt was almost finished…

I chopped it to my desired length & hemmed each layer with my rolled hem foot & a tight zigzag to prevent fraying

and headed out in my frou frou new skirt!

all the tutes!

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