Bohemian Bells…

Who doesn’t love a groovy pair of bell bottoms?

Hippify a pair for yourself in minutes with my ultra quick step-by-step:

Grab a pair of jeans that fit well but are just a wee bit meh + a funky table runner (or tablecloth or length of lace or fun fabric, etc…)

pop the jeans on and mark just below your knee (or higher for a larger bell)

flip the jeans inside out & open the side seams up to your mark

chop out 2 wide triangles from your table runner (or other fabric) a bit longer than the length of your ripped seam

pin the triangles to the edges of the open seams right sides facing

stitch together, trim off any excess fabric & hem if necessary

and your boho bells are complete!

Head out & let your munchkin director show ya how to pose!

all the tutes!

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6 thoughts on “Bohemian Bells…

  1. OK,this is how i made it,too,but coming at the point where everything unites,below the knee,i had HUGE problems!I just couldn’t get he corner right,is there any advice you could give me about that?It kept poking outwards or inwards,looking ugly 😥 i’d love to hippify more,please help me ❤

    • the best advice I can give is to simply follow the edge of the denim – when I reached the “point” of the triangle insert I stitched it to the denim at a slightly rounded curve instead of a hard point and once it was all sewn together chopped off any bulky excess …if your insert is still looking a bit “wonky” try stitching a tight zigzag on top of the outside seams – this is my little “trick” to help my seams lay flat(ter) when using bulky fabric 😉

      *my bell bottoms aren’t perfect as I used a thick fabric for my inserts, but I still love them 🙂 a light cotton fabric will also help everything lay flat & blend in better with the thick denim

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