(kinda) Crocheted Sandals

Don’tcha love it when the (oh-so-simple) solution to potentially awesome yet unworn gear you’ve had for ages suddenly smacks you right in the middle of your refashionista brain?

So it was with my groovtastic crocheted sandals:


Before their transformation these beauties were such torture on my tender tootsies they were banished to the storage room for nearly 4 years!

Here’s how I (finally) revamped them into my fancy oh-so-comfortable summer slip-ons…

I freed the adorable but insanely ouchie sandals from their storage room prison

chopped off all of the foot offending straps

gave the edges a coat of brown acrylic paint, firmly rubbing it into the fabric & cork with a small rag

crocheted a loooong chain of ruffle-y yarn

glued the crocheted chain onto the fabric of the toe piece on each sandal

and my stupendous sandals were ready for action!

all the tutes!

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6 thoughts on “(kinda) Crocheted Sandals

  1. Such a shame that the original sandals hurt; they were so cute! But cool idea for new ones. I didn’t know that it was possible to crochet ruffle yarn. Did you use a tutorial online you could link me to? 🙂 Lisa

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