Baby’s got a brand new bag…

Any idea what  little madam’s fancy new bag was created from?

I guarantee you’ll have all of the ingredients lurking around the house so let’s get makin’!

Snag that too small but too cute to get rid of munchkin skirt you’ve been holding on to, a funky tea towel, length of fabric for the strap (I used a denim belt) & a zipper (or whatever other closure you have on hand)

fold the tea towel in half, lay the skirt on top and use it as a template to chop out what will soon be the bag lining

stitch your zipper (or alternative closure) to the top of the bag lining

fold the bag lining together with right sides facing and sew all of the open edges together – box the bottom corners if desired

grab the skirt, flip it inside out & attach the bag strap

pop the bag lining over the bottom of the skirt with wrong sides facing & stitch together

flip right side out, embellish & fill with munchkin necessities

Present it to your kiddo and head out for a bit of celebratory singin’ & dancin’ in the rain!

all the tutes!

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