Totally Smitten with Nikita & Vesper

If you follow me on facebook or twitter you already know I’ve fallen hard for the ethically fabulous, awesomely affordable eco-fashions of Nikita & Vesper:

2 sisters. 2 styles and ONE GOAL – To provide YOU with the best curated ethical fashion out there”

I got in touch with the lurvly lasses behind the brand, sisters Kelsey & Courtney Montague, and was treated to a behind the scenes peek at the origins of Nikita & Vesper plus picked the gals’ brains for their top thrifting tips!

Let’s meet my latest girl crushes & find out just how they score such amazing thrifted gear!

The Montague sisters, Kelsey and Courtney, are the co-founders and owners of Nikita & Vesper. Kelsey, our Chief Creative Director, is an artist and a skilled social media strategist. Courtney, our Operations Director is a digital strategist and veteran nonprofit executive.

In 2004 Courtney started a foundation that strove to provide financial assistance to impoverished communities around the world. In 2008, while Courtney was working with her partners in Kenya, Kelsey joined her sister to film a documentary about international volunteers. The sisters were blown away by the work community leaders and entrepreneurs were doing to support women & children. They were also impressed with the artisanal accessories and clothing they came across and how critically important these small businesses were to their communities.

Afterwards both sisters moved to New York City where Courtney worked for a number of years in digital strategy with a specific focus on social innovation and using technology for good. Kelsey worked for a number of years in social media strategy, event design and illustration.

Still touched by those they met in Kenya and the products they came across, the Montague sisters decided to take the plunge and start their own business.

In 2013 they combined their passions for art, digital strategy, fashion and social change by starting an online social enterprise that sources women’s apparel and accessories that are all ethical in some way. And so was born Nikita & Vesper!


*My Nikita & Vesper wish list is much too long to share in a single post but here’s my virtual outfit selection for a spiffy night on the town: Polka Dot Weave DressFork & Knife HairclipGold Flower EarringsIridescent Shell Ring Navajo Copper Feather CuffWhite Strappy HeelsSpring Wooden Purse 

The Nikita & Vesper Story

Nikita and Vesper believes that women should be able to go to one online source to purchase gorgeous accessories and clothing that are also ethically produced. We believe that very few companies out there have created an e-commerce shop that is both fashion forward and ethical.

Nikita and Vesper is an online boutique that sources beautifully made, socially responsible products for women. This includes products from:

Women’s Co-ops
Fair Trade Enterprises
Organic and Environmentally Focused Organizations
Awesome vintage spots (vintage is eco-friendly)

After all why shouldn’t fashion help save the world? We believe it can.

…and my Nikita & Vesper outfit choice for a casually fab day out: Wonder Woman TeeSparkle Black MiniGiraffe BagRwandan Summer Bangle SetVintage Bowling Shoes

Kelsey & Courtney’s Top Tips for Successful Thrifting Trips:

1.Research, research, research. 

Read reviews on local thrift shops and find the best one for what you are looking for. We have certain favorite stores and certain stores we visit only when we are looking for specific items.

2.Inspect everything!

We’ve fallen into the trap of being sooo excited about a product we didn’t inspect it carefully, only to find a fatal flaw. Look inside, out and in the pockets before purchasing!


Truly vintage clothing (items over 20 years old) often have recognizable tag styles that date the product. The more you thrift the more you’ll be able to spot a 1930’s looking tag a mile away.
Extra Tip: Sizes in the 1930’s are very different then today’s sizes. When in doubt always try on a product.
Extra Extra Tip: Sometimes you can tell the decade a piece was created in based on shoulder pads. Shoulder pads were only really popular in the 40’s and 80’s – it’s a safe bet a shoulder pad find was created in one of those decades.

4. Get There Early

There are a lot of professional thrifters out there, so get to the store as early as possible, especially if there is a sale. If you’re going to garage or estate sales be the first on the scene to score the best finds.
Extra Tip: Most thrift stores have sales on major holidays and regular senior sales. So grab your Grandma and go shopping.

5. Remove From Bag

When you get home take everything out of the bag immediately. If one piece is a little musty it will taint the smell of everything else in the bag. Also be sure to clean your clothes as soon as possible by following the washing instructions, or carefully steam cleaning each piece (we use an industrial high temperature steamer to immediately clean all of our products thoroughly).

B R I L L I A N T !

Now what the heck are ya waitin’ for?

Head on over and score some fantastically unique ethical fashion from Nikita & Vesper!

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6 thoughts on “Totally Smitten with Nikita & Vesper

  1. I’m starting to love them. I run my blog with a similar purpose; Giving some alternative ways for women in my country, to speak up with their style, without always buying a brand new expensive product . 🙂

    • Yep, I was thrilled when I discovered them and simply had to share their fab eco-fashion story… + their online is divine & chock full of amazing fashions at awesome prices! I love that they don’t overprice their curated vintage gear and have gorgeous ethically produced handmade items too! 😀

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