Ali’s Brocade Kimono Jacket

A few weeks ago I posted this fabulous 1980’s Mikado Ribbon Tank Top  knitting pattern on my facebook page & asked if anyone wanted to create one for me in exchange for some me-made grooviness…

Awesome Alison answered my call and in trade for her knitting talents requested that I make one of my purty kimono jackets – in a simple, unembellished fabric of deep red if possible…

I discovered the perfect light brocade fabric in the form of a vintage table cloth at my fave charity shop & gave it a bath in dark red dye…

the result was even better than I had expected! A lovely deep red hue with a subtly elegant brocade pattern.

The completed kimono jacket is gorgeous & now in its new home in sunny Spain

I can’t wait to see Alison wearing it and eagerly await my fabulous retro tank!

Wanna swap with me? Here’s how!

all the tutes!

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