Snatch ’em & Patch ’em Jeans

My fantastic new-to-me crocheted tunic (thrifted for only a €1!) definitely deserved some equally awesome bohemian bottoms…so I snatched a pair of loose fitting jeans from my stash, grabbed my scissors & got to work!

The result? An adorable outfit with flower child flair!

Here’s how to make a pair of your own perfectly patched jeans:

Snag a pair of loose fitting jeans & a bunch of scraps

flip the jeans inside out & open up the side seams to the top of the thigh area

flip right side out & snip some randomly placed holes of various shapes & sizes out of the front of the jean legs

select & arrange your patches

*doilies & bits of lace make great peek-a-boo patches – simply stitch a bright scrap of fabric behind them if you don’t want to flash some skin

stitch on all of your patches, either from the wrong side of the jeans facing down…

or on the right side of the jeans facing up

for a bit of extra detail I added the remains of the embroidery left over from my batty no more top to the jean hems

re-stitch the sides of the legs together and enjoy your groovy new jeans!

oh my gawd! The tunic & jeans are perfect together!

all the tutes!


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