Totally Smitten With Thrift Outfit

I’ve featured the phenomenal thrifted styles of Ariane Brunet more than few times over on my Refashion Nation and recently shared her fabulous DIY crop top webisode (& my own lurvly result) right here on my little refashionista confessions.

I am constantly in awe of the runway-worthy looks she puts together for pennies…

"My most spectacular look: To Smize"

“My most spectacular look: To Smize”

I simply had to reach out to this fabulous frugal fox & get the secret behind her styling talents + her top tips for successful thrifting trips!

Let’s meet my newest style icon …

"My quirkiest outfit: Pop art recyclé"

“My quirkiest outfit: Pop art recyclé”

I have been employed in the fashion industry for the past 8 years, a few of which were even spent working in China! Fashion is an incredibly thrilling industry to work in: I get to play with fabrics, colours, analyze trends & shop all of the time! However, there is also a lot of pressure to continuously produce new & exciting styles with quick to make designs at the lowest cost possible. Sadly, there is a huge amount of waste throughout the production process & lately I have been putting a lot of thought into trying to find solutions to help reduce that waste.

"My readers' fave look is: The Visor Hat In or Out"

“My readers’ fave look is: The Visor Hat In or Out”

 Last December I gave myself the chance to participate in the fashion industry in a greener way: I quit my job to start my own line – Kiki Kumi – accessories created from upcycled denim & leather. The idea of recycling old jeans into clutches, bags & headgear has been forming in my brain for quite some time, I am still working on my designs but so far the results are amazing! At present I am showcasing some samples on the KiKi Kumi facebook page but shall soon be open for business! Stay tuned!

"One of my favorites & so much fun to create: The DIY Crop Top"

“One of my favorites & so much fun to create: The DIY Crop Top”

As I was spending a huge amount of time in thrift stores looking for jeans I found myself discovering all sorts of amazing garments. Some were very close to what I was seeing on the runways each season – a light bulb went on over my head & I began my Thrift Outfit blog to inspire others to shop second hand & prove that high fashion trends can indeed be created from thrift shop finds.

"What I want to talk about is: my scarf!"

“What I want to talk about is: my scarf!”

Each week I come up with a 100% second hand look, some outfits are directly inspired by what I’ve seen on the catwalk, while others are just a result of my crazy imagination. Recently, I collaborated with Montreal based designer Daniel Richer. I gave him 3 thrifted pieces & challenged him to transform them into something that would fit into his Spring 2014 collection.

"The top Bess is the stunning upcycled result from designer Daniel Richer."

“The top Bess is the stunning upcycled result from designer Daniel Richer.”

The result is gorgeous & I am planning on working with more Montreal based designers in the near future. I also have a few awesome collaborations with local vintage collectors coming up as well + I just started my YouTube channel to showcase thrift haul videos, my weekly looks & some funky DIY tutorials!

"Ce n’est pas moi qui l’a dit, c’est mon t-shirt!"

“Ce n’est pas moi qui l’a dit, c’est mon t-shirt!”

 Ariane’s Top 5 Thrifting Tips

#1 You need time: Thrift shopping takes time. Go on a lazy rainy weekend after 3 lattes & a relaxing read of your fave newspaper.

#2 Try everything on: It can be overwhelming & is quite easy to fill up a basket. Trying everything on will help you make the right decision therefore minimizing disappointment when you get home.

#3 If you don’t sew, get to know your local tailor: Some pieces are really worth a little extra effort. Paying a five (or less) for a high quality pre-loved blazer or dress is peanuts so why not invest a bit more to achieve the perfect fit?

#4 Give & take: If you give clothes away to thrift stores you also need to buy some…and if you buy some you also need to give some away…it’s a cycle & you can’t have one without the other.

#5 Have fun get & inspired & follow Thrift Outfit!

Merci beaucoup Ariane! Vous êtes une “eco-fashionista” fabuleux et une inspiration chic!

Now pop on over to Thrift Outfit and let Ariane inspire your thrifty style!

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