Where in the World is the Crafty Travelling Box?

Sadly, after weeks of trying to locate the whereabouts of the Crafty Travelling Box I must admit defeat and gloomily announce the failure of what should have been a fun, international, multi-maker-sharing, stash-busting swap…

…but when have I ever let the silliness of others deter me?

N E V E R!

And so I announce the second edition of the Crafty Travelling Box!

*with a few extra rules to (hopefully) keep the box updated & on the move

Wanna join in?

Read on to find out how…

Crafty Travelling Box Guidelines:

– The Crafty Travelling Box is open to marvelous makers worldwide

you must have a blog + social media and announce your participation in the CTB

– once you receive the box you gotta share what you took, what you added & what you plan on creating with your fab new crafty gear on your own blog + post a link to your blog post on the Confessions of a Refashionista facebook page

– take as much or as little as you want from the box but be sure to replace what you take with some groovy bits from your own stash (items added should only come from what you already have lurking in your own DIY treasures)

**as the last maker will be sending the box back to yours truly it would be awesome to have at least one item from each crafter left in the box**

– you must sign & date the mini travel log included in the box prior to posting it on to the next person

– each participant will be sent an e-mail containing the post, e-mail & blog addresses of the person to whom they will be sending the Crafty Travelling Box

– the Crafty Travelling box must be sent to the next recipient within 1 week by registered/insured post (as the box is trekking internationally a tracking number is necessary)

as a courtesy please send a quick e-mail to the next recipient letting them know that the box is on its way & the tracking number

To join in the fun simply leave a comment below before Sunday, July 13…

*please only sign up to participate if you are 100% on board & willing to follow all of the guidelines stated above

8 thoughts on “Where in the World is the Crafty Travelling Box?

  1. So, sad…I have the same problem with Nadelbernds Zaubersäckchen, I did not hear anything about it for a long long time😢 …I hope your next project will be much more successfull!

    • Ja, your Zaubersäckchen idea is so great & has such fun potential…unfortunately not everyone who signs up follows the rules or has an appreciation for the time & effort involved in organizing and attempting to keep track & up to date on the progress of a multi-participant swap. Hopefully round 2 will have a happy ending 😉

  2. Hey Sheri, you know I’m still interested! So sad about the first CTB maybe it will still turn up! Oh well now I have more time to go through all my crafty treasures!

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