My Kittenhood Inspired DIY Overall Dress

When I saw Daria’s absolutely ingenious DIY pinafore I just knew I had to create one for myself…

*as my maxi-skirt-refashion-victim had a front zip I had to add a few tweaks & changes to her original tutorial

Here’s what I did:

I snagged a dowdy denim maxi skirt that had been hidden in my stash for far too long + a couple of large vintage buttons

hmmm, but this skirt has a front zip…how will you be able to put it on when the overall bib & straps are attached?

Simply turn the skirt around and have the zip in the back! Easy peasy! 

*be sure to try it on back to front to make sure it fits comfortably before refashioning

I removed those hideous side pockets

chopped the skirt to my desired length

sliced out a square of the chopped length for my overall bib

arranged my overall bib on the waist of my skirt right side facing out & pinned

* I added one of the original side pockets to my bib & detached the top portion of the belt loops for easy stitching, sewed it together then reattached the belt loops

on to the straps:

Try on the almost-overall-dress & decide the length needed for the straps & cut a couple of strips from the remaining chopped length (mine measured 70cm x 10cm)

and now it’s time to bust out that hausfrau torture device:

1. fold each end of the strap up & press  2. fold in one side of the strap & press  3. fold in the other side of the strap & press  4. overlap the folded edges of the straps & press

stitch together

and repeat the whole process to create the other strap

arrange the straps on the back of the skirt (which was originally the front) & stitch ’em on

add the button holes to the top of the overall bib

stitch the buttons to the straps

give the raw edges a perfect fray

the front-as-back looks fab!

L O V E  I T !

*thanks Daria for the groovy inspiration!

…and my groovy overall dress has now been transformed into a most adorable pinafore with these thrifty ingredients:

Head on over to Kittenhood for the step-by-step tutorial – a groovy guest post by yours truly

all the tutes!

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