A Kawaii Coatlet How-To

Light & airy kimono-esque jackets are everywhere this season and can instantly transform an every day jeans & t-shirt outfit from boring to brilliant:

Here’s how to create your own quirky kimono coatlet in a flash:

Snag a loose over-the-head blouse with a fantastic print (Viscose, silk & satin fabrics will all produce a lovely floaty result)
*Huge hugs & a massive thanks to Nout for the pretty patterned top!

Remove any excess schnicky schnacky (in this case that elastic waistband)

Chop straight up the middle of the front of the blouse

Hem up the raw edges


pop it on & head out!

all the tutes!

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10 thoughts on “A Kawaii Coatlet How-To

  1. A friend of mine had a shirt on at work today that I could totally have used. Not to worry she went home with it still on her body!

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