totally cool tunics: a beach-y DIY

Whew! Our Egyptian (mis)adventure is thankfully over, we are safely home in Berlin & I can share the groovy gear I created for what should have been a relaxing holiday but a series of incredibly unfortunate (& downright unlucky) events transformed into a miserable trip…sigh

First up, my stylin’ keep cool dude & kiddo tunics:

fab full coverage for 50°C  sunshine

& perfect for a breezy evening of stone throwing

Make a few of your own with my quick how-to:

snag a square table cloth of lightweight cotton

(make sure the width of the fabric is the same – or wider – than the width of the recipient’s outstretched arms from wrist to wrist)

fold in half with right sides facing


grab a loose fitting top, center it on the fabric with the neckline at the fold & mark the basic position of the underarms, torso & collar onto the folded table cloth

using your marks as a guide chop out the torso & sleeve area on one side and stitch the raw edges together

fold in half, use as a template to cut out the other side of the top & stitch

chop out a neckline

hem up the raw edge

and head out to kiss a camel!

experiment with different neckline shapes & add a fun front pocket

use a dyed duvet cover & create a groovy dude version with a quirky cowl collar

transform a larger table cloth into an adorable beach cover-up (or robe) by simply following the steps above, chopping straight up the front & adding a button closure!

stay tuned for more funktastic beat the heat projects & the sordid tale of our disastrous Egyptian experience

all the tutes!

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2 thoughts on “totally cool tunics: a beach-y DIY

    • Cheers! The tunics turned out even better than I had hoped! 😀

      *the whole terrible tale of holiday hell shall be revealed on Saturday…suffice to say we’re still suffering some heinous after effects & most definitely won’t be returning to Hurghada any time soon 😦

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