Strapless no more: a modest refashion

As a member of the VaVaVoom Club since puberty strapless garments have never been at the top of my must wear list but when I spied a lurvly tube-topped beach dress for a mere €0.50 at the flea market I figured I’d give it a whirl…after adding some straps of course:

Get your straps on with my speedy how-to:

Grab your strapless victim & a length of coordinating fabric

fold the fabric in half lengthwise with right sides facing & stitch into a tube

flip the tube right side out & press making sure that the seam is centered on what will eventually be the back of the straps

chop the tube in half

decide your ideal strap length, cut to size and tuck the raw ends in

press the ends flat and your straps are complete!

arrange & stitch to your strapless gear

and enjoy!

*I know, I know…I could just let my bra or bikini straps show but I’ve always thought that looked awkwardly sloppy & unkempt…the straps kinda class up the look don’tcha think?

all the tutes!

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3 thoughts on “Strapless no more: a modest refashion

  1. This is great! I see so many refashions where the sleeves have just been removed – I’d love to see more where sleeves and straps are attached. (Especially for those of us who are “upper arm challenged”.)

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