An India Inspired Thrifty Thursday

I love the floaty romantic style and phenomenal fabrics of traditional Indian fashion and as a lassie was always thrilled when my friend’s mom allowed us to play dress-up with her gorgeous collection of saris, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered this incredible Handmade-in-India tunic dress at my local thrift shop…on €1 day:


I squealed in excitement & received such an evil glare of death from the elderly woman beside me at the rack that I’m positive I would no longer be on this earth had my munchkin not swooped in to save me with her adorable smiles & giggles that seem to act as kryptonite to bitter old Germans, rendering their penetrating sour stares powerless.

The embroidery & beadwork are divine and each flower contains a tiny mirror at its center


Indian Tunic Dress (thrifted) €1 – Black Maxi Dress (thrifted) €2 – Vintage Beaded Clutch (ebay) €1 – Adorable Feet (DNA) €0

Total cost: €4

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10 thoughts on “An India Inspired Thrifty Thursday

    • I was thrilled to discover the complete lack of machine seams & manufacturer’s tag (there is only a small “handmade in India” tag hand-sewn into the interior seam) – the entire tunic appears to have been hand stitched & embroidered! Amazing! 😀

    • yup, I’m incredibly lucky that I seem to be the only one with my taste, style & refashionista-brain that shops at my local thrift store…although it does mean that I am called “seltsam” (strange/weird) & constantly given the evil side eye by other customers 😉 The “real” Berlin is not a friendly place for those who march to the beat of a different drum 😦

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