my awesome diy overalls

Nothing says “effortless casual style” quite like a comfy pair of overalls:

or in my case “hey crazy lady…wtf are you doing?”

Here’s how to create your own pair of throw-on-and-go overalls in under an hour:

grab a single cotton duvet cover (or double sized sheet folded in half)

lay it on a flat surface with right sides facing, snag a loose fitting jumpsuit (or tank top & pj pants), fold in half & place on top of the fabric with the folds lined up

chop out the basic overall shape (be generous with seam allowance)

open up your almost overalls & stitch the 2 pieces together as shown above

hem up all of the raw edges

throw ’em on & add a belt

and embarrass your child with a public display joyful-overall-dancing!

all the tutes!

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