Totally Smitten With Hulibug

Julianne of Made with Love by Hulibug is a rock star of the refashion world!

“$5 thrifted tablecloth, invisible zip & polkadot fabric whipped up into a fabulous summer skirt”

Her phenomenal thrift store transformations, amazing vintage finds & charity shop style are truly inspirational.

“I found a lovely leather jacket in perfect condition at my local red cross shop for $10! I thought it would be perfect in winter but as the temperature dropped I just couldn’t seem to find a way to style it…it took a couple of weeks to get the courage to take my shears to it! I’m so happy I did…”

Let’s find out the story behind this talented frugal fox…

“This started as a wee vintage wool dress I bought at a theater garage sale for $3. I love the colour sooo much but the fit was all wrong. So after a number of alterations I now have a gorgeous winter coat”

I’ve been refashioning my clothes since I was a teenager: tie dying vintage slips to wear as dresses, adding inserts to jeans to make bell-bottoms, creating skirts from retro dresses…but it wasn’t until 2009 that I discovered the word “refashion” and the online community of refashionistas! It was so exciting to find there were so many women out there who shared my love of thrifting, recycling and making their own clothes. I was hooked and have loved sharing my own refashions on Made with love by Hulibug since 2011.

“I bought this top for $1. I love polka dots so I couldn’t resist it! I unbuttoned the 1st couple of buttons and put in on upside down & got refashioning!”

I am an charity shop/thrift store addict! For me it’s a form of therapy (and a cheap one at that!). I love sifting through racks of clothes, occasionally with something in mind but usually just with an eye out for a colour/fabric or design feature that I think I could make something awesome from!

“…the leopard bustier was once a pair of pj pants I thrifted for $1!”

Over the years I’ve found myself buying things that have stains, broken zips & damaged seam: the stains can be soaked and lifted! The zips can be replaced! And seams can be mended! Or if it is to be completely refashioned then these things are usually not a concern so all the more reason to buy these less-than-perfect items before they head for the landfill.

“I thrifted this rather large granny dress for $1.50 and made it into a much more flattering slim fitting dress + out of the leftover sleeves & tie I made a bikini top!”

Of course I don’t refashion all of my thrift store bargains, I love finding jeans & vintage dresses that fit perfectly. I collect vintage ties & scarves…the prints are just delicious! I stock up on tights (I have a drawer full!) bikini’s, band tee’s, vintage slip dresses, hats….

My personal style is eclectic. Pretty much everything in my wardrobe is either thrifted/refashioned or 100% handmade which makes me insanely happy and proud!

Julianne’s Top 5 Thrifting Tips:

1. Smile! Greet the thrift store staff (who are most likely volunteers) and be considerate & respectful.

2. Try stuff on. Try on items that you wouldn’t normally go for, you never know it may actually look really good on you!!

3. Don’t be scared to rummage through bins of clothes – look out for fabrics that catch your eye.

4. Check garments over closely for damage and then decided if you can repair or refashion it before taking it home.

5. Give back. Donate your unloved but still in good nick clothes/shoes/housewares to your local thrift store or charity shop.

A massive thanks & big Canadian bear squeeze to Julianne!

Now pop on over to Made with Love by Hulibug and get your refashion fix!

*Is anyone else completely falling down envious for that fantastic embroidered dress?! 

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