A Fringed Thrifty Thursday

I’ve always had a lurv/hate relationship with fringe. Growing up on the Canadian prairies meant my fair share of countrified outfits sporting those strings & tassels that seemed to catch & grab onto just about everything & annoy my young self to no end…

but with age comes maturity, life experience and the knowledge that when done right FRINGE IS AWESOME!

…and so I present not one but two fabulous fringed ensembles for your thrifty inspiration:


The ever popular fringed (faux) leather jacket…

and casual boho kimono!

Sunglasses (thrifted ) €0.20 –  Fringed faux leather jacket (thrifted) €4 – Sweatshirt dress (thrifted & refashioned) €1 – Tights (had for years) €0 – Biker boots (ebay) €4 – Sunglasses (thrifted ) €0.20 –  Fringed kimono (thrifted & refashioned) €3 – White top (had for years) €0 – Belt (thrifted) €1 – Jeans (had for years) €0 – Schweden Clogs (had for 17 years – now that’s quality!) €0

Total cost for both outfits: €13.40

…and that boho kimono makes for a great neighbourhood street fair look!

Snag some thrifty inspiration (+ join up & share your love of second hand) over on my Gone Thrifting facebook page!

As always feel free to take part in the thrifty fun & vote for the upcoming themes…

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19 thoughts on “A Fringed Thrifty Thursday

  1. AHHHHH I knew you would have awesome stuff for this week! I agree with Kristi, I can’t pick a favorite! Love both of these looks on you!

    • Cheers Justine – and I have yet to thrift anything specifically for TST, if I don’t have something that’s directly in line with a theme I simply DIY it or get my imagination in gear & do some “creative styling”…for me Thrift Style Thursday is all about inspiring others to step away from fast fashion & chain stores and embrace the wonderful world of second hand & DIY 😀

  2. I TOTALLY dig that jacket. I love how long the fringe is. I’m not a huge fringe fan but that jacket is just like “go big or go home.” Also, apparently no one is as thrilled about the “lingerie as outerwear” theme as I am for TST. haha.

    • The fringe is definitely long…I’ve had a few accidental “unintentionally-whipping-the-person-nearest-to-me” incidents when I turn around quickly 😉

      *I’m in total agreement with you on the fabulous lingerie as outerwear theme – I’m into doing a one-off thrifty outfit post ourselves if you are…?

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