The easiest DIY shorts…

It’s still summer somewhere…

…so why not create a few pairs of easy peasy shorts for the munchkin (or yourself) out of those squares of light weight fabric hiding in your stash?

grab a square of fabric, fold it in half  & then in half again so you have 4 layers

*ensure you have the right amount by simply folding it in half & holding it up to your kiddo’s waist on one side & giving it a good old eyeball – is there enough fabric to loosely wrap halfway around the waist & all the way around a leg? Does the length allow for a hem? 

Yes? then let’s get making!

(Can’t get your little monkey to stand still? Just use a pair of loose fitting pants as a fabric-size-guide)

snag a pair of loose PJ pants, fold in half & place on top of the fabric with the outer leg seams along the folded edge of the fabric

chop out the fabric using the crotch of the pants as a guide – be generous with seam allowance

open up your fancy new shorts pieces

put them right sides facing & stitch together as shown above

 flip the almost-done-shorts around so the seams are in the front & back and sew up the inseam

hem up the raw ends of the legs, add a tunnel & elastic for a waistband & flip right side out

*my eyeball-measurement wasn’t quite exact enough for this pair so I simply added a strip of coordinating fabric to the top for my waistband


now go make another pair out of the scraps from those awesome DIY overalls!

*they look fabulous with a totally cool tunic

all the tutes!


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