Totally Smitten With Ninutschkanns

Ninutschkanns is the adorable brainchild of thrifty diva Nina. With a focus on fabulous anyone-can-do DIYs, groovy second hand outfits and love for all things vintage Nina has created a delightful corner of blogland…

“I am so happy & proud about how this maxiskirt turned out…it is awesome!”

Let’s get to know this charming refashionista and discover her top thrifting & refashioning tips:

"I scored this lovely Asian style blouse during my last trip to the ' needed a bit of work..."

“I thrifted this lovely Asian style blouse during my last trip to the ‘States…it needed a bit of work…”

I began my blog in 2011 as I required an online platform for the work I did during my studies. I was also very interested in joining the blogging world to gain some of the behind-the-scenes experience required for a job in social media. At this time I didn’t know which direction my blog was heading and what a huge amount of work & responsibility blogging actually is.

"I scored this fabulous printed dress at the fleamarket and got to work!"

“I scored this fabulous printed dress at the flea market and got to work!”

In April 2011 I got a sewing machine & began focusing my blog towards more DIY projects. My grandpa was a professional tailor with his own studio (and his father too) so my sewing skills are in my DNA I suppose! In addition to project tutorials and outfit posts I also wrote about food and lifestyle inspiration. I was always interested in vintage fashion, mid-century furniture, handmade items and thrifty finds.

"A quick fix for my childhood chairs"

“A quick fix for my childhood chairs”

I started inheriting funky old clothes from my mum and grannies that didn’t always fit so I began experimenting with alterations to change them into my size and style. I didn’t know the name for what I was doing until I discovered the blog “New Dress A Day” and learned the word “Refashioning”. A light bulb went off over my head! Bingo! This was what I was doing for months but I had never thought to take before pictures & post about the transformations on my blog. So now you will find refashioned projects, self-made clothing from vintage fabric, reviews of my favorite thrift shops + a bit of lifestyle fun on my blog!

"I found an 80's dress in a by-the-kilo second hand shop & transformed it into a swinging skirt."

“I found an 80’s dress in a by-the-kilo second hand shop & transformed it into a swinging skirt.”

Nina’s top 5 thrifting & refashioning tips:

1. No experience needed: I never learned how to sew. It all comes from practice. If you’re not sure about a refashion try a rough sketch and leave a bit more seam allowance when cutting.

2. No special skills required: I can’t draw designs or read patterns so I use clothes that fit well as a template for cutting my fabric.

3. A word on comfort: It’s hard to find really sweet vintage dresses made from comfortable material. If possible wear a silk, satin or cotton slip under your vintage finds for a nicer feeling against your skin.

4. Thrift within your family: Ask your mum, aunt, grandma and other elder family members & friends for their old clothes. Usually they hold on to the good quality items from their past but don’t wear them. Every item will have an interesting history to go along with it & your family will love to see you in their old favourites!

5. Choose where you thrift carefully: In Germany “second hand” stores are everywhere and much more expensive than thrift stores & flea markets. You can find a variety of good quality items in the “Secondhand Laden” without a lot of searching but at flea markets you have a much better opportunity to find inexpensive treasures if you don’t mind digging a bit – and that’s half the fun!

“I inherited a traditional embroidered blouse from my Oma & easily made it my style with a few minor adjustments.”

Vielen Lieben Dank Nina, dass du deine Geschichte teilst!

Head on over to Ninutschkanns and get your DIY on!

*Nina’s blog is in German, however her tutorial photos are easy to follow & Google translate is always available!

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6 thoughts on “Totally Smitten With Ninutschkanns

  1. She looks very nice,love the pics!But i can’t understand a word of German and google translator delivers a superwonky italian version XD in english it gets better,though!so i suggest the german —> english google translation for those who can’t read her language 😉
    Will be following her,too!Thank you 😀

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