the amazing scarf to beach robe refashion

…and my final summer-themed tutorial of 2014?

A fab lil’ swimsuit robe!

Wheeee! Let’s get makin’!

Grab a large lightweight scarf (mine measured 2m x 1m)

slice off a length from the bottom for the belt, hem up the raw edge & set aside

fold the remaining scarf in half lengthwise, lay on a flat surface & measure about 25cm down from the fold & mark with a pin (this will soon be your sleeve – for a larger armhole simply increase the measurement). Repeat on the other side then stitch straight down from your pins on each side to create your sleeves

chop straight up the middle of the front

slice out your desired neckline shape

hem up all of the raw edges

you could simply add some belt loops but I decided to create a different look with some belt holes:

using my cozy old bathrobe belt loop position as a general guide I measured 15cm down from the underarms of my beach robe & opened up the seams a bit

stitched down the edges of the holes

and popped my belt through one hole and out the other

et voila!

all the tutes!

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