Totally Smitten With Look What I Made

Sarah has the remarkable ability to transform trash into treasure and the mundane into marvelous. Her fabulous easy-to-follow projects are beautifully presented on her captivating (and oh-so-cleverly titled) corner of blogland Look What I made – a visit to Sarah will easily have you losing track of time & adding to your must-make list!

“I created this project as some kind of counter-project to all those shirts that I have with brand logos. A few years back I stopped buying logo shirts. I’m not a walking ad for their company. Even if I like the brand. When somebody asks me where my shirt is from, I’m happy to tell but does my shirt have to shove it in everybody’s face?! I don’t think so. That’s why I created my own signature shirt. (Pun totally intended. I’m this hilarious.)”

 Let’s get to know this bodacious maker-babe and learn her thrifty DIY secrets…

“It’s such a shame when a glass breaks, don’t you think? Just because the foot fell off they are useless. So I thought about what I could do with the broken glass and I came up with a little terrarium. (Still need to think about what to do with the foot but I’ll let you know once I came up with something useful/pretty/genious.)”

I have loved to creating and crafting all of my life and now that I think back, I’m not  exactly sure why I started a blog. I just wanted to share what I do, I suppose…

“Did you ever cut jeans into shorts before? I have and it went terribly wrong. because I just cut where I thought the right length is and it was too long. I cut again and they turned out to be so short that I could have never worn them publicly. So I came up with a system this time…”

I think my boyfriend got a little sick of complimenting me on my crafty projects, he still did it but I could tell he wasn’t so impressed anymore. I wanted to share it with people that felt the same enthusiasm and inspiration (and maybe that I could inspire others as well). My blog title LOOK WHAT I MADE represents perfectly that mood. And actually that’s still what I love about my blog.

“a DIY device cover from a book for my router. I got a very old book with no relevant content & basically just ripped out the pages and had a very nice cover for the ugly router. So it can stay on my sideboard. The router’s happy, I’m happy. Win, win!”

My audience is always growing but when you’re a blogger you need to love your daily tasks. The creating, photography, editing and the writing. If you don’t truly believe in and adore the behind-the-scenes work, all the followers in the world can’t keep you going…

“I hate throwing stuff away. Not in a messy-kind-of-way. More like: this is pretty, I’m sure I can make something out of it. Which is basically the whole idea of upcycling.”

Sarah’s Top 5 DIY tips:

1. Use what you have: A lot of what you’d normally throw away can be re-used and re-fashioned.

2. If you want something, think first if you can make it yourself: everything that you make yourself is not only cheaper but emotionally more valuable and adds your personal touch to everything.

3. Don’t look for projects to copy but techniques to learn: when I look at other (DIY) blogs or magazines (or even pinterest) I try to learn a new technique or a new way to make something. What could you do with this new skill or knowledge?

4. Try, fail, try again: not every project will become a hit but every failure is a lesson of what doesn’t work. I have a list of broken, unsuccessful projects but I learned something from each one and I’m now better than before.

5. Inspiration lies in everything: some of the best projects I’ve done have come out of either the need for something or the thought that something is too pretty/useful/high quality to throw away. My boyfriend doesn’t want me to stash away stuff just for the sake of it, so I have to get creative to persuade him that we need it.

“Do you know that feeling when you have a specific thing in your head which you really, really want. You might have seen it somewhere or just had a certain idea in your mind and then: you can’t find it. You looked everywhere, you visited every shop that could possible have it but nay! Well that happens to me a lot. With online shopping this has been a little diminished but still. This happened again with a cage bra that I wanted.”

 Besten Dank Sarah! Du bist eine wunderbare Inspiration!

Pop on over to Look What I Made and lose yourself in creativity!

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